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Meg’s Story

Hi, my name is Meg, I’m 9 and I’m in Year 4.DSCF3796

I’m going to Canada for 2011 with my brother, mum and dad. When I go I will be in Year 5 for the first half of the year and Year 6 for the other half of the year. What I’m most looking forward to is making new friends and having a change. My 2 sports in Australia are swimming and netball.

When we’re in Canada I’m hoping to start playing girls indoor soccer. My favourite animal is a dog, but my favourite Australian animal is a koala. So that’s pretty much it, bye.


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  • Carrie

    Hi Meggie, My Mummy is helping me type this. I will make sure I Skype you when I do something amazing! Maybe when I say Meg for the first time. Whenever I want to give you a kiss and hug I will get Mummy to call. Have a fun time and see you in Canada in July.
    Love Carrie xxoo

  • Alice Apalakis

    Hey Meg,

    I hope you have a great time in Canada and enjoy your new school and friends. I hope you get to start indoor soccer! Good luck!
    Love from Alice

  • Ingrid Maikkula

    Hi Meg, Becca and I talk about you often, but we are lazy when it comes to writing a letter or emailing. Becca is busy helping her mom and dad with her little sister Sophie who was born in April. Maybe you can talk your mum and dad into taking a trip to Minnesota during one of your school breaks. The plane ride isn’t nearly as long as from Sidney to Minneapolis. Love Grandma Ingrid

  • Kirsty McLaughlin

    Hey Meg,

    just your daggy year 4 teacher here! i was just thinking about you two seconds ago and i got this message from your dad offering to join your blog. you see i just sold another pup, and the family that bought him have called him Jasper, because of Jasper, Alberta, Canada – their son plays ice-hockey there! Small world.

    See you at school on Monday.

    Love Mrs Mc – p.s. i think you would rock at indoor soccer!

  • Rachel Jackson

    Hi Meg, I hope you have a great time in Canada and I can’t wait to read about your adventure.
    Love Rachel

  • Carrie

    Meggy, I forgot to tell you, I got another tooth for my birthday!!!! I’m getting better with my walker… I dont think it will be long!!!!
    Love you

  • Keira

    Dear Meggy, I miss you so much. I cant wait to see you when I get to Canada. When I get to Canada and the US we are going to have lots of fun at Disneyland. I love you so much. Have a good time at school and you are so lucky to get a locker!!!
    Love you

  • chantal

    hi meg i am going to miss u when u go hope u had a great time in canada hopefully we meet again sometime i will think about u i might even cry when u go bye

    love chantal

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